Friday, October 29, 2010

Determine this

I was reminded today of the following fundamental tenet of quantum mechanics: Events at the level of fundamental particles do not have causes.  If so, at least in our universe, such events can neither be determined in advance, nor can they have been predetermined by some heretofore supernatural force or forcer.  Determination of any sort being, of course, causative.
Predetermination on the macro level will at best determine some measure of probability, such measure decreasing exponentially over time.  At least if that's the present state of particle affairs in this particular world.  On the micro level we start with 50/50 odds, and conceivably it's 50/50 all the way down.  (Or not.)

Not much chance here for omnipotence or omniscience, whether you'd like your God to be a creator or just prefer to see the universe as intrinsically intelligent, all by its lonesome.

One caveat as to fundamental particles not having causes:   If they exist at all to serve a strategic function that permits nature to evolve, with randomness a necessity for that function, then in effect they have a strategic role to play, and have been "caused" to play it.

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