Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everything that exists takes intelligent advantage of accidents.

Few of you will understand this and the rest of you will call it nonsense, but none of the latter will be able to cogently explain either how or why it's not correct.

 12-21-2013: I just saw this comment on a site where a scientific article, “How People Drove an Evolution in Cliff Swallows,” showed that in a short period of time these birds must have changed their own wing spans to fit new nesting circumstances, etc.

“What this indicates is that selection can serve a purpose, and the long held theories that selection starts by accidents that happen to the organisms, and that are then occasionally found to be adaptive, have had it more or less backwards; and that if anything, accidental changes in environment are taken advantage of by the organisms for that organisms adaptive purposes.”

I hadn't seen it put in exactly that way before, and I like it.

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